Birthday:December 2001
Breed:DSH - Calico

Sponsored by:
Erin Moncure
Until: Dec 10, 2018

Calypso is a spayed female calico, found on the streets as a stray. She is a beautiful girl and needs a loving home. Unfortunately, she has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (see She was having to go to the cardiologist every six months,and then every year, but as of her last visit on 7/13/12, the doctor said we could extend it to two years as she is doing so well. And if that echocardiogram is also good, she probably won't have to go back to see the cardiologist again! She's a wonderful, sweet kitty who should not be disregarded just because she was unfortunate enough to have born with this condition.

Quick Facts

Breed: DSH - CalicoBehavior: Sweet, loving, and talkative
Purebred: NoGood with children:  Unknown
Sex: FemaleGood with dogs:  Unknown
Spayed/Neutered: YesGood with cats:  No
Color: White/orange/blackHas Special Needs:  Yes
Age:  16 years, 11 months Additional information: Although she has lived with many cats, she would do best as an only cat and thrives when she is the only cat. Calypso is also deaf.
Status: Available

Adoption Application:
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Contact Info:
Phone: (626) 676-7648

Adoption Info

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